Sunday, May 14, 2023

Texas county keeps libraries open amid fight over banned books

  • Book bans in schools and public libraries are increasing in the United States, with arguments on both sides about protecting children and preserving core freedoms.
  • Llano County in Texas has become a focal point of the debate as local officials face a court battle over removing inappropriate books from libraries.
  • Despite the controversy, Llano County voted to keep its three public libraries open, with the county judge emphasizing the resolution through legal channels rather than social or news media.
  • Public opinion in the county was divided, with some supporting the libraries' closure until books labeled as pornographic were removed.
  • In contrast, others advocated keeping libraries open and ensuring equal access to information.
  • The conflict in Llano County originated two years ago when residents requested the removal of books listed by Texas Republican lawmakers, leading to the dissolution and subsequent politicization of the library board. 
  • Nationwide, over 1600 titles addressing racism and LGBTQ issues have been banned in the past year.

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