Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Massachusetts librarians talk book bans at annual convention on Cape Cod


Massachusetts librarians are discussing book bans at the Massachusetts Library Association annual conference. In recent years, there has been a surge in book challenges from patrons, with many banned books being by or about Black or LGBTQ persons.

Book bans in other states

  • Librarians from Massachusetts are concerned about book bans in other states, with an increasing number of challenges reported.
  • The American Library Association encourages people to report book bans or challenges incidents.
  • Libraries sharing policies to deal with incidents
  • Statewide, libraries are sharing policies on how to deal with incidents of book challenges.
  • Misha Storm, a head librarian in Northfield, Massachusetts, and president of the Western Mass Library Advocates said her group can help libraries develop policies and connect librarians to legislators.

Buying banned books

When a title is banned, Storm makes sure to buy it, as the ban increases demand for the book.

The CW MARS library consortium, with 100 member libraries primarily located in Central and Western Massachusetts, shares hard copies and electronic books.


At the Massachusetts Library Association annual conference, librarians are discussing the issue of book bans, with an increasing number of challenges reported in recent years. Libraries are sharing policies on how to deal with these incidents, and some librarians make a point of purchasing banned books to meet the increased demand.

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