Sunday, May 14, 2023

Culture Wars: Why book bans are trending in the US | DW News

  • A conservative-led movement in the United States is pushing for book bans in schools, leading to a battle over education and sparking culture wars.
  • Parents in Tennessee object to books taught in schools, including "The Story of Ruby Bridges," claiming they are racially divisive and focus too much on the negatives of history.
  • The movement opposes critical race theory, which they believe is divisive and negatively affects white children's self-image.
  • Advocates for students of color argue that tough conversations about race and stories like Ruby Bridges' should be included in education, as children can understand and empathize.
  • The book ban movement has gained momentum, with bans targeting books about race and LGBTQ+ and black individuals, leading to the highest number of attempted bans recorded by the American Library Association.

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